Edmond de Rothschild

Be part of the legend!

Long-term success is something of a mystery that we invite you to uncover by browsing through this website. Our Bank owes its origins to Baron Edmond de Rothschild, a man with a will. He did not just buy things, he created them. During his lifetime he planted vineyards and forged the Edmond de Rothschild Group, now a frontrunner in international finance. His son, Baron Benjamin de Rothschild, is following in his footsteps: he has not just picked the fruit, he has willed the tree to blossom as never before.

Tried-and-trusted wealth management

Underlying our success is an organisational structure that can attract talent like no other. It gives our staff freedom and a framework to excel in their speciality. This business model is envied by our competitors and valued by our clients. Like craftsmen whose art has been handed down through the centuries, we provide time-honoured quality.

Did you know that besides private banking, wealth engineering and investment research, and besides the performance of our structured products, funds and portfolio management, our Bank also boasts one of Geneva's best restaurants? Those who have dined with us are quietly spreading the word. Step inside and you will feel at home. You will enjoy coming and coming again, like to a hotel where you seem to leave a part of yourself when you check out only to find it revitalised when you return.

How bland the shopping districts of the world's big cities, where chain stores with ubiquitous brand names stand row on row! Our Bank has become a must for a cosmopolitan clientele from varying walks of life, people who seek a solid wealth manager and who share our appreciation for things well done.

The size of made to measure? Your size!

What do you expect from your private bank and your relationship manager? You want them to understand you, to treat your business as confidential and to be free to choose whatever products are best suited to you. We will not ask you to fill in a multiple-choice questionnaire. At Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild we give full consideration to your circumstances, beginning with your net worth, your risk parameters, your needs and your constraints. That you are unique forms part of our vision of private banking. Our specialists are human above all else. We know how to keep the complexity of our profession in the background so you can better grasp what it involves.

In an age that exalts rationalism, some might think that unreasonable. We do not. Our staff are not driven by "salesman of the week, month or year" bonuses. Instead we reward their dedication to clients over the long term. This approach applies to all of our employees. Our human size stands as a reminder at all levels that serving clients is the business of a Swiss private bank.

We recruit people who not only have the necessary skills to work for us but who also share our values, the values of the family whose emblem we have borne proudly since Edmond de Rothschild took over Banque Privée.

Never in the past 80 years have the challenges of technology, ecology, economics and geopolitics been so urgent and fraught with such uncertainty. Yet this environment holds out extraordinary opportunities as well. The Rothschild name is legendary. It has shone like a beacon through the vicissitudes of time. Now Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild has ushered this legend into the 21st century. If you would like to share the family's values, we can invite you into their embrace.