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Next Generation

Generational change entails new challenges and responsibilities for the Next Generation.

With the right preparation and support, inheritance may allow the Next Generation to lead transformative projects, in both business and philanthropy.

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Macro Highlights

Weekly newsletter with a round-up on the main economic developments.

- The amazing ascent of equities

- The us economy braces for higher short-term rates

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Private Banking

In a complex world, the Edmond de Rothschild Group protects and strengthens your assets.

As the historical core business of our Group, wealth management has been a part of the Rothschild family DNA for several generations.

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The Rothschild Family History

The Rothschild myth started in Frankfurt, Germany, in the middle of the 18th century.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild developed at that time the business with his five sons.

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Occupational Benefits

Edmond de Rothschild offers vested benefits solutions tailored to individual needs.

OPP2 siam's strategies provide flexible, customised pension-fund management solutions to self-employed persons, small and medium-sized businesses and executives who have the option to choose their own investment strategy.

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Occupational Benefits
Independent Managers
4/7/2015 | Analysis
Our Investment Research Department publishes a weekly newsletter with a round-up on the main economic developments and news flow.
3/27/2015 | Analysis
Switzerland’s economic growth conti-nued to speed along in the fourth quarter of 2014, rising by 0.6% relative to the preceding quarter and 1.9% year on year.
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